RICCI’LISS was established in 2022 and we are located in Spain. As one of the leading online hair care, hair extension, and beauty product distributors and retailers in the UK and Europe, we offer a wide range of hair extension products and over 40 hair care and beauty products. successful. We create products that fit you alone, combining lab innovation, natural ingredients, and proven performance to create truly personal care.

For you. For the planet. For all. We have been very successful in the market competition due to our low prices, high-quality products, delivery promotion, and the best customer service in the industry, this comes from our strong alliance with the largest hair extension manufacturer in the world. By learning about your hair in its true context, we can give you products that fit—and work—better than anything before.

Most of our team are Brazilians, as the products we sell.
Brazil is one of the top markets when the subject is beauty, especially when it is about
hair beauty
So, here you will find a perfect product for you and your clients based on our high-quality assurance standards.

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